Painting with April

April is my daughter whom I love beyond words. She is very kind and thoughtful as well as generous. She noticed that I needed a diversion and brought into my life pour painting which we do together. We have so much fun choosing colors to work with and trying out different techniques for getting the desired results. Learning as we go. It forces us to make split second decisions as well as teaching us to be flexible enough to adapt to the changes that occur so very fast. It teaches us to be kind to ourselves when things go sideways sometimes.

We often get swept away with creativity and do not notice time flying by. That makes it difficult for her to maintain her sleeping schedule so she can function better at work. But that doesn’t stop us when painting as often as we can.

It gives both of us wonderful memories to share and beautiful canvases filled with color that we can share with others and hang on our walls. We share colors that we have mixed with each other that make our paintings complement the other’s work.

We have a blast opening the sliding glass door to let the fresh air in and allows our dogs, Abbie and Leon, the ability to come and go as they please so they can run and bark to their heart’s content and often get the neighbors’s dog into mischief because he just can’t help himself and barks right back at them. Opening the door helps keep the fumes from the paint down which helps us feel better.

I love and cherish our painting time together!

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