Sweeping the Ceiling

Our house is a zoo. Literally a zoo. In it are housed two dogs, a salt water aquarium, a bearded dragon and two Amazon parrots, Goose (I am a big fan of Top Gun) and Slick (who was not so coordinated as a chick).

Birds have bird dust under their feathers on their skin. It is vital to their wellbeing. It flies off them when they shake their feathers out. And even though it is a pain in the butt we love them. They are very much a part of the family. We have had them since they were six and seven weeks old. They are approaching thirty now.

Enter the textured vaulted ceiling of our living room. Parrot dust collects on the surfaces of the ceiling and the webs of spiders who roam our house despite my best efforts to the  to be a spider free zone. Spiders and I would be on better terms if they would just stay outside. But for reasons unknown to me, spiders are attracted to my daughter and I, therefore they sneak inside.

The dust and the webs got to be too much and I asked my hubby to sweep the ceiling last week. Today is the big day! Amid much moaning and groaning (we are no spring chickens anymore) Jim goes up and down the ladder as he is sweeps the ceiling today! He will feel it tomorrow in his achy muscles and joints. I am thrilled with the results every time it has to happen. I don’t know of another soul who has to perform this task.

I am filled with gratitude!

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Love and best wishes to you!

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