Little bees 🐝

Winter has been long and hard this year. But we are finally getting some warmer weather and the Star Magnolia is putting forth the prettiest blossoms. They aren’t as numerous as previous years but magnificent just the same.

I just walked out to look at them close up and found little tiny bees enjoying them. I was impressed that they let me get really close without buzzing me. My admiration for them is immense but my relationship with them is tenuous at best. I am allergic to their stings. So they normally don’t tolerate me being in the vicinity without chasing me off.

I had a bumblebee chase me around the beach years ago. I had to run into the water to get him to leave me alone. People were watching the spectacle unfold before them in disbelief. I don’t have a clue what provoked it.

The time I went to my first college football game at Purdue, I spotted hornets buzzing around garbage cans filled with empty cups that had contained pop. They were so happy to have them. I walked in a wide circle away from them and not looking toward them at all when I felt one latch onto the side of my left hand as we made our way to the stands. I lifted my hand to see who landed there and it provoked it to sting me.

We got to our seats, then proceeded to the first aid station. They gave me two Benedryl and I watched the game in a stupor from the drug while hornets buzzed all around me. The people sitting around me watched in disbelief because they bothered no one else. I had a constant cloud of them. None of them stung me even though I swatted them away from my face and brushed them off my arms when they landed on them.

It was a truly bizarre experience.

But the little bees today only had eyes for Magnolia blossoms. I am so glad!

Bees are so important in the whole scheme of life. They pollinate one in every three bites of food we consume. And they are in trouble due to chemicals we spread around on our lawns and spray on our flowers. We have to help them out by planting flowers to feed bees and butterflies in our gardens and flowerpots.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Today I am caught up with memories of my childhood when mom would make fresh lemonade for Patty, my cousin, and I to sell at our lemonade stand.

She would get out her glass squeezer and grind the lemon halves against the ridges of glass breaking all the tiny sections that contain the juice. She was very careful not to waste any of the lemon so she would work on it until there was no pulp left. Then water was added and last of all, sugar. Then we tasted sips until we had the right amount of sugar.

That is very subjective. I without fail thought it needed more sugar and she didn’t always add it because I had a habit of wanting a lot of sugar, then refusing to drink it because it was too sweet. Back in my early days I was picky about having sweets and frequently refused to eat very much sugar. I now wish I would have stuck by those principles!

Today the weather is in the sixties and I have spring fever. The lemons in my refrigerator were calling me so tonight for dinner we are having fresh squeezed lemonade using my grandma’s squeezer. Dad still has mama’s but someday I will use her’s and we will make lemonade together again!

Many blessings to all of you! Please follow my blog and we will share more time together. Thank you!

Multi Media Painting

Sometimes the hardest thing to do when working on art is to know when to quit. This started out as a pretty decent pour painting but I just could not deal with an area I deemed had too much white. And so began experimenting with techniques and color in the offending area.

No matter what I did things were getting muddy in appearance. So off to my former craft room I went in search for a heat gun I had purchased years ago and never used. I didn’t even break open the blister pack. I didn’t find the heat gun on that attempt because I became distracted by glass marbles I had left over from another project.

They really added the right coverage and added a whole new dimension to the piece that I really liked. It just needed something extra to create movement for the eye. And so a former scrunchy bit the dust as I harvested parts of it to complete the project.

Hope it brings you joy!

Own your power!

Reach down inside yourself and notice the power that exists there. Focus it. Own it. Right this very moment become aware that every single second you exist is an opportunity to improve your circumstances. It doesn’t have to be an earth shattering event. It may be as simple as taking stock of where you are now and making the decision that you are not satisfied.

Only you can take the first step to change that. It requires action. No one else is responsible for your happiness. Only by making a conscious decision to not settle for what life is handing you can you rectify the situation.

No one else needs to lose their power for you to find yours. It has been yours all along!

Love and light to all of you!

Balance in your life

Not one single person can be all good or all bad all the time. Sometimes we go to the gym and eat salads. Sometimes we stay home eat pizza in front of the tv and refuse to put pants on. Balance. Accept the duel sides and love yourself just as you are.

May all who read this experience a special blessing today!

Please follow me as we hurl through our lives today!

Sweeping the Ceiling

Our house is a zoo. Literally a zoo. In it are housed two dogs, a salt water aquarium, a bearded dragon and two Amazon parrots, Goose (I am a big fan of Top Gun) and Slick (who was not so coordinated as a chick).

Birds have bird dust under their feathers on their skin. It is vital to their wellbeing. It flies off them when they shake their feathers out. And even though it is a pain in the butt we love them. They are very much a part of the family. We have had them since they were six and seven weeks old. They are approaching thirty now.

Enter the textured vaulted ceiling of our living room. Parrot dust collects on the surfaces of the ceiling and the webs of spiders who roam our house despite my best efforts to the  to be a spider free zone. Spiders and I would be on better terms if they would just stay outside. But for reasons unknown to me, spiders are attracted to my daughter and I, therefore they sneak inside.

The dust and the webs got to be too much and I asked my hubby to sweep the ceiling last week. Today is the big day! Amid much moaning and groaning (we are no spring chickens anymore) Jim goes up and down the ladder as he is sweeps the ceiling today! He will feel it tomorrow in his achy muscles and joints. I am thrilled with the results every time it has to happen. I don’t know of another soul who has to perform this task.

I am filled with gratitude!

Please join me on my journey through this life by following my blog.

Love and best wishes to you!