I love crows! I fell in love with one when I was three years old. It liked to hang out on my grandma’s clothesline pole closest to her house.

I used to beg my mom to walk over to grandma’s to see the crow. She said, “The crow might not be there.” But I was always sure it would be.

I would stand and watch the crow watching me. I was enthralled with the whole idea of a wild bird coming to visit regularly. It would allow me to get only about ten feet from it. If I crossed the invisible line that only the crow knew existed, it would fly away.

Going to grandma’s house was a magical experience. She loved goldfish and had created a small pond for them by burying an unwanted bathtub in her backyard. I shared her love of goldfish with her and loved to look at the fish swimming happily there.

One day the crow got into trouble with grandma. She had spent the morning washing clothes and took them out to dry on the clothesline. Smelling clothes dried outdoors was another thing we had in common. When she came out later to see if the clothes were dry she found my crow had taken all the clothespins off the line and the clothes lay on the ground. All her hard work had to be repeated.

She claimed she found the crow drowned in the goldfish pond but my mom said grandma had drowned it because it took the clothespins off and she was mad at it. I was devastated. I could never see my crow again. I was sure that another crow would come be my friend but no others ever let me get anywhere near them.

Now sixty three years later I am finally getting to see crows come to me again. I read of another little girl falling in love with crows who would come to her house when she got off the bus after school. She would feed them a cup of dog food when she got home and they loved her.

I’m when I would hear the crows in my neighborhood call to each other I would call to them too. Pretty soon they began showing up under our bird feeders and have a snack. I began putting out scraps for them and they started arriving everyday. I am able to watch them from my window. They usually announce their arrival and let me watch them. I dearly love them. We are up to five individuals. I caw to them as close to their caws as I can. It excites them. Their excitement thrills me.

Now I am able to distinguish two individuals calls. I always look forward to their visits!

Crows are smart individuals. They remember if you are kind to them and will hold grudges for unkindness. I hope to keep seeing them everyday. They are boisterous and sometimes pranksters but I love them just as they are!

Do you feel unfulfilled? Does organized religion leave you cold?

It did me! I heard the judgement about which religion was better than the other. The belief that only one religion could get you into heaven. Only one was the way to eternal peace.

Facts like Christianity came into existence long after pagans were in existence. I spent a lot of time studying different religions and discovered the common thread is love. Love of each other.

Love began showing up everywhere in my life. I just opened myself up and let it flow into me. I opened myself to the teachings of plants, of animals, of the universe.

I am opening myself to you. I will share information about about herbs, of your health, of the secrets held within yourself.

I will send you kits to do perform your own spells whether it is for love, for money or to place curses. I offer poppets and dollies with instructions and how to use them. I offer powerful ingredients for you to use and explain how to use them to your advantage.

I look forward to hearing from you!